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Our favorite free resources to learn just about anything along with the most reputable places to invest in online courses.



Register for one or more of over 55,000 online courses covering any topic imaginable across 15 categories. Courses are rated by other users and a table of contents is provided so you can be confident you are investing in the right course. While you have access to thousand of unique courses one thing to note is that Udemy courses aren’t free and range in price from about $20-200.



Cousera is another wonderful online learning resource that allows you to take courses from top class universities across the world, some for FREE. Coursera offers three levels of online learning: individual courses ranging from FREE-$99, specializations which are meant to give you a more in depth look into a subject at $39-79 billed monthly, and finally online university recognized degrees which range in price from $15-25,000. Joining 25 million other learners is free and easy and you can start learning the same day after you sign up.



EDX;s mission is to increase global access to quality education. They fulfill this mission by providing over 1,500 courses of which many are FREE and taught by professors from the world’s top universities including MIT, Harvard, UCAL Berkeley & Georgetown University. You have the option to add a verification certificate for $49. EDX is a great resource for those looking to learn on their own or pick up some extra credentials for their resume or current job position.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy focuses mostly on STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) related fields but provides FREE video tutorials and online classes for many subjects. The video tutorials are excellent and present information in a step by step process with examples that simplifies learning even the most complicated subjects. This FREE learning resource is highly recommended for students and professionals alike.


Code Academy

Code Academy has helped over 25 million people across the world learn to code in various languages, step by step, for FREE. Code Academy offers programs for many languages including HTML & CSS, Javascript, Rails, React, SQL, Ruby, PHP, Python & more. If you are just getting started with learning to code make sure to read some of the success stories located on Code Academy’s home page to get inspired and conquer any nervousness you may have.


Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is pure magic. On the home page are 30 categories that Wolfram Alpha provides information about and each one is incredibly advanced. Solve any math, physics or engineering equation in a matter of seconds with step by step solutions. Get information about any date or person in history, gather health and socio economic data, learn about astronomy & so much more. We could write an entire blog post about Wolfram Alpha so just take our word for it and explore the site. Just for fun we found out the calories in a cubic lightyear of ice-cream.

Online Courses & Education Resources

The internet has revolutionized every field imaginable over the past ten years and created thousands more. One of the greatest features of the internet is to seamlessly share information with people across the world, including educational materials.

Gaining a legitimate education online is not only possible it is efficient. Many courses are offered totally FREE and are taught by professors from the best universities across the world or professionals actively working in the field.

Getting an education online is very flexible and benefits intrinsically motivated people who want to study at their own pace and pick and choose a variety of subject or narrowly target a niche. Courses can also vary greatly in length from a few hour of video lectures to full online degrees which take years to complete. This if you ask us, is the beauty of online education, it is 100% customizable.

Code Academy is an example of a wonderful company spreading education for FREE across the world in one of the most valuable skills, coding. Learn to code totally FREE instead of going to school and studying computer science to the tune of $50,000 a year AT LEAST at many private US colleges.

Khan Academy and Wolfram Alpha are amazing databases of video tutorials, basic & advanced calculators and general harbors of information.

Udemy is awesome to learn a hyper-specific or trending skill such as cryptocurrency investing or artificial intelligence.

When it comes to buying certificates of completion or authenticity for your courses we recommend you consider the motives behind taking the course. If you are learning for pleasure or personal use you likely don’t need to pay around $50 for a paper certificate saying you completed a course and are now knowledgeable in that field. If you are boosting your resume or trying to get a promotion at work this is a different story. Now, $50 to say you are proficient in a competitive field which may help you secure a 10% raise at your careers becomes worth its weight in gold.

At the end of the day you know your situation best so trust your gut and always remember that certificate or not it’s absorbing the material that counts.


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