Keyword Research

Accurate keyword research tools are a must for internet marketers, here are our favorites.



SEMrush is the golden keyword tool for many SEO experts and online marketers. Simply copy paste the URL of any website into their search bar and receive a treasure trove of information. Easily see ALL the organic keywords that particular page ranks for, along with paid & organic traffic statistics, ranking changes, backlink profiles, competitive analysis and more. SEMrush offers 10 searches a day for free before you need to subscribe to one of their plans.



Another terrific keyword tool used by master SEOs. Ahrefs lets users perform competitive analysis, keyword, backlink and content research, along with rank tracking and web monitoring for your own and other web properties. Pricing with Ahrefs is similar to that of SEMrush and why they are both ranked as the top keyword research tools.



Spyfu is great because it has the quality of SEMrush and Ahrefs without the higher price tag. Users can see and manipulate a decent amount of information for FREE about any URL. Easily track keywords that just made it and fell off of page 1 on Google, backlinks and keyword groups. We also like the overall report given when you search a URL that gives you core valuable information immediately.



When it comes to SEO, MOZ is a pretty big household name started in 2004 that has since grown into an internet giant. Take advantage of their free keyword research tool, open-site explorer and our favorite, the MOZ bar. This FREE download allows you to see the DA and PA (domain authority and page authority) of any URL so you can get an idea about the competitiveness of any SERP. If you are interested in MOZ’s premium services, they have free trials for both national and local SEO to propel your business to the next level.


Google Trends

If you haven’t heard of Google Trends than you are missing out on one of the most top-down keyword research tools out there. Google Trends allows you to plug in any keyword and get a sense for it’s search volume over time, related keywords, and geographic search distribution. You can also easily compare keywords and explore search volume across Google Images, News, Shopping & YouTube.


Google Suggest

Google Suggest is a simple yet underrated way to find new and potentially untapped long tail keywords. Simply start Googling for a keyword and notice the other related keywords that come up in the search. Since these keywords display they are closely related to your niche and ultimately your site or page’s SEO. PRO TIP: Put an underscore _ followed by a space before your keyword for Google to suggest phrases to type before your keyword to discover even more long tail keywords.


Screaming Frog

Screaming frog is unique on this list in that you can download their “SEO Spider” for FREE and use it on your computer. The free version is more of a trail since the license allows 500 URL crawls per year. Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider is quite advanced and allows users to find broken links, analyze page titles & metas, generate sitemaps, discover duplicate pages, identify CSS and Javascript elements and code & much much more. For people or companies serious about SEO we highly recommend downloading the FREE version of Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider to test it out.


SEO Book

SEO Book is great for providing their own FREE basic SEO tools such as their keyword research tool and SEO toolbar. They also are like Bookmark Bro and have a database of recommended resources for keyword resources and other SEO tools such as PPC analysis and rank tracking tools.

Keyword Research Resources

For those seeking to improve their SEO and SERP results via organic or paid traffic, using keyword research tools is absolutely necessary.

All your competitors are certainly leveraging similar tools, especially those who achieve results, which is what you are after. The good news is that many of the best methods to uncover the best keywords are FREE and easy to access.

We found Spyfu provides a wealth of information pertaining to any URL for FREE when compared to some of the other tools on this list.

Tools like Google suggest and Google trends are valuable to manually identify long tail keywords. We recommend combing Google suggest keyword searches with the MOZ toolbar which allows you to see the PA and DA (Page Authority and Domain Authority) of any page on the internet. Best part…totally free! Find new long tail keywords via Google suggest or Google trends and then examine the first page with the aid of the MOZ toolbar to get a sense of any particular keywords competition. A lower PA and DA indicates that a website will be easier to kick off the first page of Google.

Keyword research tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs are highly recommended as premium, aka paid, options. While you can use 10 search actions on SEMrush everyday for FREE, this quickly becomes tedious and a bit annoying rather quickly. The perks of upgrading however are true, almost limitless access to keyword research information.

SEMrush & Ahrefs provide you with the ability to get every keyword any page online ranks for, a complete page or domain backlink portfolio, competitive analysis, organic & paid traffic statistics & so much more that you just need to start exploring their dashboard.

Screaming frog is an interesting website on this list in the sense that you can download the FREE version of their SEO spider and get 500 free URL crawls per year. This also falls into the tediously little amount of searches if you are serious about SEO and boosting your page rank. However, combined with FREE trials and 100% FREE resources on this list you can easily make keyword research a $0 process.

SEO Book provides lists of other valuable FREE SEO tools so make sure to check them out as well to uncover some more bookmark worthy websites.

All in all whether or not you need to pay for keyword research comes down to your commitment to SEO over time, how quickly you want to rank a site, and the competitiveness of the keyword/s you are trying to rank for.

For local SEO or low competition long tail keywords you likely can successfully conduct keyword research and competitive analysis for FREE using a combination of the tools above.

If you want to rank quickly & rank competitive keywords, we recommend a subscription to one of the services above. They provide the kind of in depth information needed to launch a complete SEO takeover campaign that will land you #1 in Google.


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