Find the perfect font for your project, create your own font & other useful tools.


Google Fonts

821 web safe fonts that are easily filterable so you can quickly find the best font for your project. Browse the featured section to find visually pleasing font combinations.


Canva Font Combinations

Looking for a great header and body font combination? Canva font combinations allows you to select a starter font and then shows you the perfect pair. Find the best font combination in under 30 seconds.



This type differentiation allows you to enter any two Google web fonts and visually see the differences to help you find the best font for your project.



Free Design Resources is an amazing resource for font and other design freebies as the name suggests. Find unique and eye catching fonts here that are free to download and can be used for any project, personal or commercial. FDR also has FREE mock-ups, templates and graphics.

FREE Font Resources

Selecting the right font is an often overlooked aspect of design that adds character and enhances the branding of your website or whatever project you are working on.

The above tools are meant to help you find the best fonts to use for your projects and to make the selection process easier.

Google Fonts is an excellent resource that as of now has 821 web safe fonts. Free Design Resources has more unique fonts that are useful for graphic design or other artistic projects. Tiff and Canva Font Combinations help you find the difference between fonts and help you choose the ideal font pairing.


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