A shortlist of tools to aid with website design from grpahic design, editing photos & creating color schemes.



Canva is an incredible largely free resource for website or graphic designers & marketers alike. Create a free account to create fully customizable pre-sized templates spanning from logos, business cards, Facebook cover photos, tickets and more. Also create various graphs, edit photos, generate color schemes from photos & find fonts that match well together. Canva is a design tool that should be in everyone’s bookmarks.



Coolers is the best color scheme generator online, period. Browse top designers color schemes or generate a random one by simply pressing the space bar. Useful features include the ability to view alternative shades of a color you like, adjust a color to your liking, or locking a color in a color scheme and then pressing the space bar to only add new colors to the color scheme that go with your chosen color/s.


UI Gradients

UI Gradients is a beautifully simple website built off of Github that is a collection of visually appealing gradients. Use your arrow keys to see a new gradient and rotate the colors. Easily copy the CSS code to add the gradient to your website wherever you see fit.



Disclaimer: 99designs is by no means free. In fact, they are a premium graphic design website that allows you to post a campaign that uber professional designers will submit designs to. Some of the web’s most beautiful logos and graphic design projects were created by designers on 99designs. Expect to pay at least $300 for around 30 logos designed by industry experts. While a bit pricy, the quality is A1 and after all your logo is your brand image and should be the best it can be.



Lunapic’s website might not be the most appealing but they offer TONS of free photo editing tools. Adjust your photos, draw on them, add filters, borders, animations, and way more. One of the most useful features of Lunapic we have found is taking the background out of photos to make them logo transparent.


Get Stencil

Easily create a custom image online that can then be saved and downloaded for free. The design app is very intuitive and easy to use which is why we included it as one of our favorite design tools. Only downfall is that free users can only create and download 10 customized designs a month for free.


Pic Monkey

Pic Monkey is another FREE web based photo editing application. Easily upload a photo from your computer, Facebook, OneDrive, Dropbox or more and take advantage of Pic Monkey’s free editing tools. We like the collage maker to quickly and easily make collages that you can then download and use for your projects.


Be Funky

Similar to Get Stencil and Pic Monkey, Be Funky is an FREE online photo editor, design application, and collage maker. Be Funky has a great dashboard that makes designing graphics fun and professional. They also have an inspiration section of their website so you can learn how to use their design tools to the best of their ability.

FREE Design Resources

The amount of web based graphic design tools online can make anyone’s head spin.

That’s why we created this list of the best free graphic design tools online.

We absolutely love Canva due to its presized fully customizable layouts for common designs like Facebook banner photos, advertisements, business cards, flyers & WAY more. Also did we mention that the site is totally FREE with the option to purchase premium design layouts for $1.


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