A list of code repositories to get free code for use in your website or to learn how to code.



Collaborate or host an open source project, or clone one from Github’s massive library. Github is used by over 22 million people and provides a wealth of public information.

Stack-overflow-logoStack Overflow

The largest online community of developers where coders can ask and respond to questions and search for jobs. This is a true network of experienced professionals.


W3 Schools

Amazing 100% FREE resource for learning HTML, CSS, Javascript and more. Every example topic imaginable is covered with the ability to try for yourself and use W3 School’s code if you get stuck.


Code Pen

Explore thousands of different code projects and “pens” for inspiration and examples. Easily run or copy code from any “pen” on Code Pen.

Code Resources

Looking to learn how to code?

Looking for inspiration for your next coding project?

Looking to copy and paste code into your website that is sure to blow the minds of your users?

You’re in the right place.

We compiled 4 of the web’s best resources for FREE source code that you can copy for personal or commercial uses. The above list also has several great resources for you to learn to code online for 100% free.

Github is an absolute treasure trove for experienced and novice coders alike. As on open source website, many of the top resources are available 100% FREE and with a creative commons 0 license meaning you can use the source code in your personal or commercial projects as long as they are legal.

Codepen allows users to post their own “pens” with cool code that you can then copy and paste into your website to accomplish any number of tasks from functional to visually pleasing.

Stack Overflow and W3 Schools are wonderful learning resources to jump start your coding knowledge and turn you into a coding wizard.



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